Arches National Park

Positioned in a “high desert” with elevations ranging from 4,085 to 5,653 feet above sea level in southeast Utah, Arches National Park contains the greatest density of natural sandstone arches in the world. Throughout the park, rock layers reveal millions of years of deposition, erosion and other geologic events.
Arches National Park supports many activities such as backpacking, biking, camping, rock climbing, and hiking . Hikers can take advantage of a wide variety of trails. Some hikes in Arches take only a couple hours to complete, while others are longer half-day hikes for the intermediate and advanced hiker. For those who prefer to tour by car, there are many scenic driving routes for viewing some of the park’s largest arches.

Today In Arches National Park

NPF'S Impact at Arches National Park

  • A 2011 Transportation Scholar helped develop a pilot public shuttle system to enhance the visitor experience at Arches National Park by providing visitors more information to make destination choices,...

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