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Rock climber at sunset coiling rope in Rocky Mountain National Park


Technology & Innovation

Climber at Rocky Mountain National Park
iStock / epicurean


Reimagining what's possible in our parks.

The National Park Foundation helps envision what healthy, vibrant national parks look like in the future, aligned with the demands of an ever-increasing number of park visitors. The National Park Foundation (NPF) is working with the National Park Service (NPS) and partners today to anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Grants distributed through this program leverage new technologies, including data analytics and ways to connect staff and visitors in real-time to ensure vital information is immediately accessible. From visitor enhancement initiatives to tackling overcrowding in our parks to giving back or enhancing educational information, technology can and will help solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the future of our parks. NPS and NPF hope to revolutionize how visitors experience their majestic lands and historic sites.