This month we're taking a moment to thank park rangers and employees for all the work they do, plus don't miss the winners of the Share the Experience photo contest and more in this issue of GoParks!

National Park Foundation, GoParks newsletter graphic cover image of a yucca plant growing in the rolling sand dunes in White Sands National Park

A Heartfelt Thank You

A still image taken from the Thank You video that shows a park ranger smiling while standing on the National Mall with the Washington Monument barely visible in the background

More than 22,000 national park rangers and employees care for national parks across the country, many of which are in our own backyards. We recognize their tireless efforts during this unprecedented time to keep the parks we love ready for all of us. Check out our new video that pays tribute to these dedicated national park rangers and employees. Please join us in showing appreciation for them!

Inspire Your #RecreateResponsibly Adventures this Summer

A woman wears a red backpack while standing at the base of large redwood, surrounded by lush, fern-covered, forest ground and sunlight streams through the misty air in Redwood National and State Parks

With sunrays shining through the treetops, a woman’s magical moment amidst towering giants at California’s Redwood National and State Parks is the grand prize winner of the 2019 Share the Experience photo contest, hosted by the National Park Foundation and Booz Allen Hamilton. Check out all the incredible winning photos on our blog, then find your favorite pics and enter the special edition 2020 "Best of the Decade" Share the Experience Photo Contest for a chance to win cash and other great prizes from our partners Celestron, Hydro Flask and Historic Hotels of America. If you’re looking to make new memories, be sure to plan ahead and #RecreateResponsibly this year and well into the future!

Wonder Calls in National Parks

A person stands on a large rock with their arms raised as they look out onto a starry night sky just as the last bit of orange from the sunset disapears into the glimmering silver of the Pacific Ocean

For more than a century, our national parks have given shape to our multi-faceted and multicultural story, telling the ever-evolving story of who we are, honoring our differences and reminding us of everything we have in common. The National Park Foundation is committed to making sure our parks thrive, because national parks don’t just stand for where America has been – they inspire where we go next. Explore the National Park Foundation’s work and impact in national parks across the country.

Making the Anza Trail a More Accessible Experience

A white farm gate sits open at a cattle grid with a dirt trail crossing the grassy, hilly landscape seen in the distance against a multicolored sunset

Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail stretches from Arizona to the San Francisco Bay Area and connects visitors to history, culture, and outdoor recreation. A three-mile section of the trail has been transformed into an accessible exhibit, designed with features that can be enjoyed by visitors of ranging abilities in sight, mobility, hearing, and language. Learn more about the historic Anza Trail and how the National Park Foundation worked with the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind on this new accessible exhibit.

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Support Your Parks

A collage of NPF merchandise, including a tote bag, hat, and tshirt

This summer show off your
park pride with NPF gear.

A little boy wears floats while he swims on a lake with mountains lining the horizon in Yellowstone National Park

Make a difference for America's treasured places – today and for years to come.

Who Tells Your Story: “Hamilton” in National Parks

A close up of feather quill pen and ink atop a desk

National parks are more than just sweeping dunes, breathtaking canyons, and towering mountains – they also preserve the places and the stories of the trailblazers that worked and fought for a better future, including one “10-dollar, Founding Father without a father:” Alexander Hamilton. Discover the real-life "rooms where it happened,” now immortalized in “Hamilton: An American Musical” and follow the story of Hamilton’s journey in the years when our country was “young, scrappy, and hungry."

How Voting Rights, Pride, and More Come to Life in National Parks

A picture of Megan Springate smiling inset in a larger picture of an old typewriter and rotary phone on a desk at Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument

National parks protect more than just beautiful scenery – they preserve cultural resources that help us understand the stories of those who haven’t historically been at the forefront of written history. Find out how voting rights, pride, and more come to life through national parks in our latest Q&A with Megan Springate, National Park Service’s National Coordinator for the 19th Amendment Centennial Commemoration and editor of the National Park Service LGBTQ Theme Study.

Going the Distance

A trail marker sign from the Ice Age National Scenic Trail is in focus with a blurry background of tall vegetaion along the trail and two hikers walking with their gear

Whether it is experiencing Hawai'i’s unique blend of cultures on Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail along the shoreline, or walking the same path as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. along the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail, the National Trails System allows visitors to experience stories of those who forged their own path in American history. Discover what it takes to support a national trail and the power of philanthropic partnership in our recent Q&A with Luke Kloberdanz, Director of Philanthropy at Ice Age Trail Alliance.

Creative Ways to Camp at Home

Inside a home, with the lights turned off, a small tent glows, a teddy bear and racoon toy sit in front of a fake fire, a paper moon and stars can be seen on the wall, and a telescope stands to the side

Camping out doesn’t always require a rugged campground – even if you can’t get to national park, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of camping by setting up camp at home. Use our at-home camping guide for inspiration – try new s’mores combination creations, craft tent decorations, sing a campfire song or two, and even share park-inspired spooky stories. Plan a night in with your loved ones this summer and enjoy all the fireside fun of a national park campout from the comfort of your home.

In Case You Missed It

Six Black women, who were the producers of the Twenty & Odd video from NPS, each stand on a stair of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama

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Get Inspired for Your Next National Park Adventure

A person walks along a dirt trail with a field of grass on either side and tree covered hills in the distance

With over 400 national park sites across the country, sometimes the hardest part of planning a park trip is simply choosing where to explore next. With our Find Your Park Quiz, it’s easy to find new, exciting places to discover. Just answer a few questions about what you’d like to see or do on your trip, and we’ll provide a plethora of perfect park pairings – maybe even some parks you hadn’t heard of before! Adventure awaits – just make sure you #RecreateResponsibly when you do visit a park.

A Shared Love of Parks

Barbara and Jayne smile with the Upper Falls of Yellowstone National park in the background

Like so many of our donors, Barbara Stephens and Jayne Iafrate grew up vacationing in national parks. It is no surprise that they still often consult the full list of national parks when planning their next trip together. For Barbara and Jayne, preserving national parks for generations to come is a priority, which is why they decided to include the National Park Foundation in their estate plans. Read more about Jayne and Barbara’s story on our website and learn how you too can create a legacy gift to the National Park Foundation.

This Month's Quiz

Sedimentary layers of different colors form the unique spires and buttes iconic to Badlands National Park

Which national park unit in Utah sits at over 10,000 feet in elevation, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view looking down into a half-mile deep geologic amphitheater?

Congratulations to last month’s winner, Leila Espinosa, from Santa Clarita, CA who knew that Badlands National Park in South Dakota has a rich tradition of fossil collecting and study, stretching all the way back to when the people of the Oglala Lakota Nation discovered fossilized bones and turtle shells. The turtle shells and seashells suggest this area was once underwater.

Way to go, Leila!

A yucca plant growing in the rolling sand dunes in White Sands National Park

Wow! Where Is That?

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