Updating Signage and Wayfinding at Bandelier

Bandelier National Park entry sign
Transportation Scholars and NPF work together to update the wayfinding signage outside of Bandelier National Monument in order to attention to the park and ultimately increase visitation.

Wayfinding signage for Bandelier National Monument was inconsistent in appearance, both inside and outside of the Monument, and not always sited in a visible or appropriate location. Many road signs lacked the NPS Arrowhead to help draw attention to the Monument and there was a lack of Wayfinding signage directing visitors to the Monument any further away than 15 miles.

The Transportation Scholar assisted the Monument in developing a thoughtful, well-developed Wayfinding and sign plan that addresses design, verbiage, and location. Additionally, the Scholar established partnerships with local agencies and finalize the concept for a Bandelier Bike Loop to provide alternative transportation into the Monument, connect to communities, and help to make Los Alamos a family recreation area.

The Transportation Scholar provided Bandelier National Monument the additional insight and fundinging necessary to increase visitor satisfaction and visitation.

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