Improving Transportation Flow Through Gardiner Gateway Community To Yellowstone National Park

Car surrounded by bison
With the assistance of an NPF funded Transportation Scholar, Yellowstone National Park is improving access to the park and easing pressure on gateway community.

Yellowstone National Park, the nation's first National Park, continues to grow its annual visitation, now exceeding more than 4 million visitors per year. Consequently, the percentage of visitors entering through the park's northern entrance (the park's only year around entrance) has increased significantly.

The result has been entrance traffic backing up through the Roosevelt Arch and into the gateway community of Gardiner, Montana, causing significant traffic congestion, gridlock and frustration.

In June 2012, an inter-agency steering committee was created to work cooperatively on ensuing traffic and pedestrian safety issues associated with the Gardiner Gateway Project.

An NPF funded Transportation Scholar is working with the gateway community to complete an engineering study, coordinate the newly formed inter-agency steering committee, and provide technical assistance when necessary.


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