Student Program at Nicodemus National Historic Site Recontextualized Pioneering

African American child happy and laughing in National Park
Students at Nicodemus National Historic Site participated in a three-day program to absorb the area's unique pioneer spirit.

This area preserves, protects, and interprets the only remaining western town established by African Americans during the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. The town of Nicodemus is symbolic of the pioneer spirit of African-Americans who dared to leave the only region they had been familiar with to seek personal freedom and the opportunity to develop their talents and capabilities.

NPF funded a three-day student program that portrayed Nicodemus in a multi-layered context. Students arrived at the site and were greeted by park rangers, Nicodemus Historical Society Staff, and living historians. They were separated into five groups and rotated between five learning stations at each of the five historic structures of Nicodemus National Historic Site.

While participating in the program, students learned not only about the history of a town, but also about the importance of place in conceptualizing a deeper narrative. Throughout the program, students were able to interact with park rangers and living historians depicting various characters significant to the history of the town.

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