Saguaro National Park BioBlitz

During the BioBlitz, Arizona middle and high school students conducted 24-hour species surveys, and worked with other students to create promotional videos.

During the first year of the Park Stewards Program, underserved high school students from AmeriSchools College Preparatory Academy (ACPA) in Tucson helped the park's biology team inventory and monitor saguaro, the park's signature species. In the program's second year, the students expanded their citizen science skills, learning to set wildlife trail cameras to gather data on mammal diversity for the parks 2011 BioBlitz.

During the BioBlitz nearly 2,000 middle and high school students visited the park and conducted 24-hour species surveys. The Park Stewards students from ACPA served as guides and mentors during the BioBlitz, and created a promotional video for the event.