Boston Harbor Islands national park area includes 34 islands situated within the Greater Boston shoreline. The islands are rich in natural and cultural resources. Imagine a place where you can explore tide pools, walk through a Civil War era fort, climb a lighthouse, hike lush trails and salt marshes, camp under the stars, or relax while fishing, picnicking or swimming--all within reach of downtown Boston.

With NPF support, partners with a shared interest in promoting health and fitness were able to collaboratively plan, market and implement a series of outdoor fitness programs that make use of the park's waterfront, trails and open spaces. Additionally, the park and its partners developed signage for healthy heart trail walks and runs on the newly established and growing trail system on Peddocks Island, and double the amount of camping yurts.

Boston Harbor Islands Explore for Health program was a summer-long series of health, wellness and fitness activities for youth and families, Millennials and elders. Programs ranged from beginning level guided walks and yoga classes, to more rigorous trail runs and full-day fitness opportunities.