Programs that Inspire

The future of our parks depends on the stewardship of the next generation. That's why we are committed to inspiring our children and grandchildren to love and support our national parks.

How We Help

The national parks serve as some of our nation’s most dynamic classrooms and centers for active learning for all ages. From science to the arts, service learning to teacher training, America’s national parks teach invaluable lessons about our planet, our history, and ourselves. These incredible places, and all that they offer beyond the boundaries of the national parks, are the catalysts for inspiring a new generation of park enthusiasts. The National Park Foundation is dedicated to utilizing these powerful learning environments that can provide in-depth, real-world learning experiences, to nurture a deep connection between the next generation and America's national parks.

The National Park Foundation is:

  • Bringing over 30,000 students to national parks this year through its Ticket To Ride program.
  • Working with teachers in all 50 states to embrace Parks as Classrooms and centers for active learning.
  • Making a difference, with over $3.5M provided to national parks through education grants and programs in the last three years.

How You Can Help

Inspiring the next generation of park stewards is a responsibility that belongs to all of us. Learn how you can make an impact by clicking here.

The Programs

Boy holding his Jr Ranger badge
NPF Kids

Get Your Junior Ranger the Tools They Need to Continue Exploring

Is your Junior Ranger hungry for more information about the parks? The Web Rangers program allows them to explore more national parks remotely. Your...
Girl coloring in a park
NPF Kids

Start Your Family's National Park Adventure Here!

Let your adventure in the national parks begin! There is plenty to see and do. Start by downloading your NPF Kids Activity Map .
Family in a canoe
NPF Kids

Discover Ways for the Family to Enjoy the Parks!

Discover just some of the ways your kids can enjoy and connect to national parks with Parks for Play: 35 National Park Adventures for Kids of All...
NPF Kids

Elmo and Murray Bring Our Parks to Pre-Schoolers

Presented by the National Park Service, Sesame Street and the National Park Foundation, these short videos and accompanying hands-on activities...
NPF Kids

Join Elmo & Murray as they Explore Gateway National Park

Presented by the National Park Service, Sesame Street and the National Park Foundation, these short videos and accompanying hands-on activities...
A bend in the road along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Expanding Access to Our National Parks

The Transportation Scholars program matches emerging professionals with substantial knowledge and expertise in transportation planning with parks...
Teachers monitoring water

Understanding Climate Change Through our National Parks

In an effort to help our next generation better understand the impacts of climate change and connect them to our national parks, the Parks Climate...
Girl reading on the beach

Connecting Teacher Training Programs with National Parks

In 1992, NPF launched the National Parks as Classrooms (PAC) education program. Parks as Classrooms developed a model collaboration between San...
Teachers identifying macroinvertebrates

Engaging Teachers in the Discovery Experience

The primary goal of the PARK Teachers Program is to create partnerships between National Park Service education staff and science methods faculty...
Volunteers with her wheelbarrow

Cultivating Civically Engaged Stewards of our National Parks

The Park Stewards program, sponsored by the University of Phoenix , gives high school teachers and students the opportunity to explore the relevance...
Girl in a Yellowstone Jr Ranger hat

Connecting Kids with the National Parks

Inviting the youngest park visitors to become a member of the National Park Service family, the Junior Ranger program gives kids and families the...
Little girl reading

Funding Transformative Change in Our Parks

The National Park Foundation recognizes that sometimes the smallest grants can make the largest differences. Impact Grants (up to $25,000) are...
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