Though there are over 400 national parks protected by the National Park Service (NPS), there are countless other landmarks, sites, and places yet to be designated as a national park. The National Park Foundation (NPF) has helped facilitate the creation of new national park sites, supporting the preservation of a more comprehensive collection of American stories to be explored and enjoyed by current and future generations.

From purchasing and donating historic landmarks and the restoration of historic sites to supporting new park operations and developing new exhibitions and interpretative materials, NPF’s work in preserving our diverse cultural history leverages innovative partnerships and collaborations to ensure that these treasured places are preserved and accessible to the public, helping all people gain a deeper understanding of parks as our common ground and shared inheritance.

Highlights & Projects

A single-story ranch-style house with light brown brick and teal siding

Medgar & Myrlie Evers Home National Monument

Medgar and Myrlie Evers Home National Monument commemorates the legacy of two civil rights activists who, from their small ranch home, devoted their lives to ending racial injustice against Black Americans. NPF provided the funding necessary to acquire the Evers' home from Tougaloo College and transfer it to the National Park Service.

A large two-story house with several windows surrounded by green grass on a partly cloudy day

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

In 2013, NPF played a major role in the creation of Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument, honoring both Col. Charles Young and the Buffalo Soldiers, some of whom were effectively the first park rangers. NPF provided the necessary funding, through the African American Experience Fund, to purchase Young’s home from the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.’s Friendship Foundation. 

Viewscape of Harriet Tubman residence and barn

Harriet Tubman National Historical Park 

Through a 2017 grant from NPF, NPS was able to acquire the property in Auburn, New York that is home to structures that were vital in Harriet Tubman’s later years – the Thompson Memorial AME Zion Church and Rectory. NPF is also supporting the restoration of the Thompson AME Zion Church, which is largely intact from the time Tubman lived and worked in Auburn.

Tall gray concrete walls with gap and black walkway

Flight 93 National Memorial 

NPF has supported Flight 93 National Memorial for over a decade, providing funding for vital projects, including the design and construction of the park and reforestation efforts in the park. NPF’s Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign raised over $40 million in private support to establish, design, and construct the park and helped also establish the park’s official charitable partner organization, Friends of Flight 93. 

Three-story yellow townhouse with green trim

Carter G. Woodson National Historic Site 

NPF provided critical funding to aid the restoration of Carter G. Woodson National Historic Site, the home of the “Father of Black History” in Washington, D.C. Through NPF’s African American Experience Fund, NPF supported the development, design, fabrication, and installation of new exhibitions at the park.  

Facade of a red brick clocktower

Pullman National Monument

NPF has long supported Pullman National Monument, the first NPS unit in Chicago, providing a total of $10 million to support the construction of its new visitor center in the iconic Pullman Administration Clock Tower Building and revitalization of the site. NPF also supported the development of audio and visual exhibits at the park and worked alongside the Historic Pullman Foundation to build its capacity as the park’s official nonprofit partner. 

A yellow two-story home with green and brown trim. A handful of steps lead to a covered porch.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

In 2018, NPF facilitated the purchase of Dr. King’s birth home and its transfer to Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park. As part of NPF’s Women in Parks initiative, NPF also supported a new outdoor exhibit honoring Coretta Scott King at the park. Additionally, as part of a multi-year grant, NPF is providing funding for staff, materials, and expenses to stabilize and rehabilitate both the birth and life home of Dr. King.  

Stairs leading up to the Memorial Garden at Cesar E Chavez National Monument

César E. Chávez National Monument

César E. Chávez revolutionized labor participation in our political age by organizing the first agricultural union and is hailed as a Latino leader. César E. Chávez National Monument preserves his home, including his home office, and final resting place. NPF’s Latino Heritage Fund provided $150,000 to establish the park and fund its operations throughout its first year. 

The brass second line marching outside under blue skies at New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park

New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park

A cultural history rich in innovation, experimentation, controversy, and emotion, NPF supported New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park in preserving information and resources associated with the origins and early development of jazz. These preserved treasures will be enjoyed by generations to come.