Digitally Telling George Rogers Clark's Story

George Rogers Clark National Historic Park
George Rogers Clark National Historical Park worked with local schools to digitally communicate park history and build curriculum-based programs.

A memorial stands on the site of Fort Sackville to commemorate the capture of the fort from British soldiers by Lt. Col. George Rogers Clark and his frontiersmen on February 25, 1779—one of the greatest feats of the American Revolutionary War. Clark's army, aided by French residents of the Illinois country, had marched through freezing floodwaters to gain this victory. The fort's capture assured United States claims to the frontier, an area nearly as large as the original 13 states.

The teachers and students helped the park tell its story digitally, and also helped the park develop new curriculum-based programs to offer to teachers outside the immediate area of the park, including developing pre and post-visit materials.

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