Join Elmo & Murray as they Explore Gateway National Park

Travel with fun-loving Muppets, Elmo and Murray from Sesame Street to two of America’s most popular national parks in a new online series, Sesame Street Explores National Parks series.

Presented by the National Park Service, Sesame Street and the National Park Foundation, these short videos and accompanying hands-on activities introduce preschoolers to the natural world. 

Join National Park Ranger Shalini from Gateway National Recreation Area in New York City as she encourages Elmo, Murray, and children across the country to utilize all of their senses to investigate and observe the outdoors. The videos teach young people about habitats, seasons, plants, and animals. They will also learn how to conduct an animal survey, look for nests, identify migration patterns, and simply listen to the sounds of nature.


Sesame Street: Gateway National Recreation Area, Families

Join Elmo and Murray as they learn about birds in Gateway National Recreation Area from Ranger Shalini.


Sesame Street: Gateway National Recreation Area, Habitats

Ranger Shalini shows Elmo and Murray different habitats in Gateway National Recreation Area such as salt marsh and how rangers can tell determine the health of a habitat.


Sesame Street: Gateway National Recreation Area, Seasons

Elmo and Murray learn about how animals migrate with the changes of the seasons. 

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