Presented by the National Park Service, Sesame Street, and the National Park Foundation, these short videos and accompanying hands-on activities introduce preschoolers to the natural world. 

Join National Park Ranger Amala from Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona as she encourages Elmo, Murray, and children across the country to utilize all of their senses to investigate and observe the outdoors. The videos teach young people about habitats, seasons, plants, and animals. They will also learn how to conduct an animal survey, look for nests, identify migration patterns, and simply listen to the sounds of nature.

Sesame Street: Grand Canyon National Park, Families

Join National Park Service Ranger, Amala as she teachers Elmo and Murray about the California Condor families living in the Grand Canyon. The California Condor is the largest flying bird in North America and lives in caves high up in the canyon. These endangered species used to live all over, but today can only be found in California, Arizona, Utah, and Mexico.


Sesame Street:  Grand Canyon National Park, Habitats

Play “Park Ranger” with Elmo and Murray, as they learn about the six habitats and hundreds of animals of Grand Canyon National Park.


Sesame Street:  Grand Canyon National Park, Seasons

Learn about the four seasons in the Grand Canyon with Elmo, Murray, and Ranger Amala.