Many of our national parks are in dire need of repair and maintenance. Historic buildings are threatened, trails are disappearing, and native species are dying out as invasive species take over.

The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) is a national collaborative effort to put America's youth and returning veterans to work for the benefit of our parks and the millions of people who visit them. The 21CSC helps young people--including diverse low-income, underserved, and at-risk youth, as well as returning service men and women gain valuable training and work experience while pursuing important conservation and restoration work on national park lands, waterways, and cultural heritage sites.

These experiences are formative for participants and essential to maintaining our 400-plus parks, battlefields, and other historic sites. Private philanthropy will provide funds to expand the 21CSC, providing grants to engage youth and veterans as active conservationists and preservationists' bringing forth a passion that will last a lifetime.