Types of Support

The NPF Land Conservation program depends upon the support of donors to meet NPS' needs. Philanthropic dollars enable several types of grants to protect land.


These grants allow NPS and partners to be nimble in acquiring vulnerable lands from incompatible development. These grants, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000, support pre-acquisition costs such as appraisals, title work, environmental site assessments, and property surveys. These grants enable NPF's conservation partners – including land trusts and friends groups – to fast-track portions of the acquisition process.  


Philanthropic contributions of over $50,000 are leveraged with federal, state, and nonprofit dollars to fund the purchase price of private land from willing sellers. Purchase grants are especially helpful for "edgeholdings," or properties that sit on the edge of national parks and are not yet within the authority of NPS to acquire.  


NPF is standing up a revolving fund of $1 million+ to enable nonprofit partners to buy properties and convey them to NPS. Proceeds from the sale of these properties revolve back to NPF for future priority acquisitions.


Gifts of property such as land, buildings, and other real property can be donated for conservation value or for resale value. As a qualified nonprofit, NPF can receive the gift and support a tax deduction for the donor. NPF then either donates the land to NPS or sells the property to generate revenue to support NPS. 

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