Restoring Native Habitats in Rapidly Urbanizing Areas

With the help of an NPF Grant, Manassas National Battlefield was able to restore land and improve the plight of native pollinators.

Today, Manassas National Battlefield Park provides the opportunity for visitors to explore the historic terrain where men fought and died for their beliefs a century ago.

In the three miles surrounding Manassas National Battlefield, over 9,000 acres of habitat have been urbanized in the past decade, contributing to the habitat loss of our native keystone pollinator species.

Through this project, volunteers and partners were able to plant native wildflower pollinator seed mixes, designed specifically to increase foraging and nesting materials for pollinators. This helped offset habitat loss, assist wildlife adaptation to the changing land use conditions, and improve the conditions of our grass and shrub land habitats to reach their full ecological potential.

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