Restoring George Washington's Birthplace with Natural Plant Species

NPF worked with George Washington Birthplace National Monument to restore park habitat, regrow native grasses and shrubs, and improve wildlife habitat.

George Washington was America's first and greatest hero, whose leadership was crucial to the establishment of the United States as an independent nation founded on the principles of personal liberty.

George Washington Birthplace National Monument preserves the heart of the Washington's plantation and the Washington Family Burial Ground. A Memorial House and dependencies were constructed in 1931 near the location of the original Washington home. Here, in the peace and beauty of this place untouched by time, the staunch character of our hero comes to the imagination.

This park undertook a native plant habitat restoration project to restore native grasses and shrubs along shoreline areas, improving the habitat for native birds, small mammals, and estuarine invertebrates. The park partnered with the Mid-Atlantic Exotic Plant Management Team and 4-H volunteer staff.

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