Protecting Glacier National Park

The National Park Foundation protects Glacier National Park's million-acre landscape, and its diverse mammal and bird populations.

Glacier National Park boasts some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. The park preserves more than a million acres of forests, alpine meadows, lakes, rugged peaks and glacial-carved valleys in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Glacier Park diverse habitats are home to over 70 species of mammals including the grizzly bear, wolverine, gray wolf and lynx. Over 260 species of birds visit or reside in the park, including such varied species as harlequin ducks, dippers and golden eagles.

The Flathead Wild and Scenic River Corridor Stewardship Project helped improve animal habitats and by providing the proper equipment for visitors to store food and reduce their own footprint. The lasting impact of this program helped improve resource health, protect visitor health and safety, and teach river users Leave No Trace principles.

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