New School Buses in New Bedford Brought Kids to Whaling Park

NPF Impact Grant brought kids to New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park in new school buses.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park helps to preserve, protect, and interpret certain districts, structures, and artifacts that are associated with the history of whaling and related social, economic, and environmental themes for the benefit and inspiration of this and future generations.

Through an Impact Grant, NPF funded twelve 45-foot, 40-passenger school buses to help promote teachers interested in field trips for their students. The program supported the Every Kid In A Park movement, bringing local children in to enjoy New Bedford's diverse historical programs designed to comply with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and/or Common Core for specifies grade levels.

The park tailored its programs to fit the needs of its visiting students. In one lesson plan, "From Hampton to New Bedford: A Network of Freedom," students engaged in curriculum-based activities and materials that brought the past to life. Such stories can spark a lifelong commitment to saving places that matter. One of the many barriers preventing students from experiencing important stories is the lack of transportation and funding for activities, and NPF helped solve that problem.

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