Helping Youth Inspire Others

Saguaro National Park's del Sendero program trained the next generation of park leaders to inspire younger generations.

For many of us the Giant Saguaro cactus, silhouetted by the setting sun, is the universal symbol of the American West. And yet, these majestic plants are only found in a small portion of the United States. On the edge of the modern City of Tucson, Saguaro Park protects some of the most impressive forests of these sub-tropical giants, which can live for 200 years and grow to 50 feet tall.

Saguaro National Park's del Sendero focused on training Latino Millennials to lead Hiking Clubs with members of their communities. The park hired two Latino interns to serve as part of the Next Generation Ranger Corps and train Latino Millennials as hiking club leaders. Each trained Trail Leader conducted outreach within their communities to lead their own hiking clubs of at least 10 individuals with limited exposure to national parks and/or hiking.


In total an estimated 362 local, Latino young adults were positively impacted with this program. Additionally, this project will allow the park to contribute to the movement of Latino Outdoors---a non-profit that works to connect Latino culture and community with the outdoors. Together they can help local Latino Millennials encontrar su parque (find their park).