Gateway is a 26,000 acre recreation area located in the heart of the New York metropolitan area. The park extends through three New York City boroughs and into northern New Jersey.

The park and the communities in Brooklyn and Queens that surround Jamaica Bay are dealing with acres of invasive plants, which harm native insects and birds, and the effects of climate change via sea level rise and super storms such as Hurricane Sandy, threatening breeding and spawning grounds of numerous species of wildlife.

NPF partnered with the Sandy Hook unit of Gateway National Recreation Area in New Jersey to bring together students and the elderly in order to improve the park's natural and marine ecosystems. Through the NPF Resources Recovery and Protection program, the park assembled a Student Conservation Association Invasive Plant Team which has removed over 8 acres of invasive plants from 40 acres of park land. NPF funds were also used to enhance National Park Ranger protection patrols on marine waters, as well as habitat restoration to convert an overflow parking lot into grassland.