Wildlife can be one of the reasons we make a visit to a national park – the opportunity to see a majestic bison or a catch the glimpse of a soaring eagle in their natural habitat is one of the draws of our parks. And it’s important to remind visitors to keep their distance and leave wildlife be while in a park. The National Park Foundation (NPF)’s work in ensuring species and visitor safety supports educational programming, signage, and more in parks to help visitors and wildlife stay safe. 

Highlights & Projects

blue heron perched in tall grass

Everglades Wildlife

Everglades National Park features a diverse array of wildlife, and support from NPF is helping produce new wildlife protection signage to keep wildlife and visitors safe. These signs will help protect American crocodiles and foraging wading birds by communicating seasonal closures and the consequences of trespassing to visitors, clearly defining nesting colony closure areas.  

close-up image of a bear claw

Keep Our Bears Wild 

NPF partnered with Dinosaur National Monument and Cumberland Gap National Historical Park to install bear-proof containers for visitors to use while enjoying visits to the park, as well as education and outreach programs to guide and encourage the necessary changes in human behavior when in bear country. The program in Cumberland Gap, titled “Living with Black Bears” was created in partnership with the Friends of Cumberland Gap, the park’s local park partner.