Inspiring High School Students to 'Write History Alive'

Project Write is an intensive writing and visual arts camp for Philadelphia high schoolers, held annually at Independence National Historic Park.

Few ideas so capture the imagination of mankind that they imbue physical objects with universal meaning. For Americans, indeed for all people, there are no more potent symbols of individual freedom than Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Through a series of events, which in retrospect seem almost miraculous, many of the buildings in which these events took place were preserved. With years of devotion and effort on the part of the City of Philadelphia, the National Park Service, and countless private citizens, these places have been restored for the enjoyment and enlightenment of the millions who come to Independence.

Project Write is an intensive writing and visual arts experience for Philadelphia students entering grades 9 through 12. It offers a writing and digital literacy curriculum using the park's history and sites as inspiration. The program is place-based, with students attending camp in the park for 2 weeks in the summer.