Engaging Youth to Break the Cycle of Poverty

This program worked to instill lessons of Jimmy Carter's childhood--hard work and determination to help break the cycle of poverty.

Healthy You, Healthy Community provides opportunities for the underserved youth of Sumter County to build self-esteem, unite with their local communities, and become good stewards of the land.

Jimmy Carter lived, worked, and played on a farm in rural Archery, Georgia during the Great Depression. This rural setting helped shape the character of a young boy who grew up to become President of the United States through hard work and determination.

This initiative worked to instill the lessons and values of President Carter's childhood to inspire, encourage, and influence our youth and create a generation concerned about protecting our resources while engaging them in fun, educational activities. Successfully connecting these lessons of hard work with making a difference can provide the motivation our youth needs to stay in school, break the cycle that poverty tells them they will never escape and become productive, continual "givers" to their local communities.