Keeping the Dream Alive

Brown V Board of Education
Keeping the Dream Alive engaged at-risk youth in a series of themed Civil War camps and tours within Freedom's Frontier National heritage area.

The story of Brown v. Board of Education, which ended legal segregation in public schools, is one of hope and courage. When the people agreed to be plaintiffs in the case, they never knew they would change history. The people who make up this story were ordinary people--they were teachers, secretaries, welders, ministers and students who simply wanted to be treated equally.

The park is housed in what was formerly Monroe Elementary School in Topeka, Kansas. Monroe Elementary School was one of many segregated schools throughout the country, and countless parents who disliked the segregated system and wanted something better for their children. As a symbol of the struggle for equal educational opportunity, Monroe Elementary School provides an ideal setting from which to interpret Brown v. Board of Education.

Keeping the Dream Alive engaged at-risk 4th & 5th grade students in a series of five-day camp programs, fostering stewardship through an increased understanding and appreciation of Civil War to Civil Rights sites and historic and natural landscapes within Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area.

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