The History of Natchez National Historical Park

Sharing our history with students in the area is a critical piece of NPF's work to inspire our next generation.

Natchez National Historical Park celebrates the rich cultural history of Natchez, Mississippi and interprets the pivotal role the city played in the settlement of the old southwest, the Cotton Kingdom and the Antebellum South.

The Park is made up of three units, Fort Rosalie is the location of an 18th Century fortification built by the French and later occupied by the British, Spanish and Americans. The William Johnson House was a house owned by William Johnson, a free African American businessman, whose diary tells the story of everyday life in antebellum Natchez. Melrose was the estate of John T. McMurran, a northerner who rose from being a middle class lawyer to a position of wealth and power in antebellum Natchez.

NPF supports an internship for a recent graduate from the Natchez area who focused on Reconstruction in the old Natchez District of Mississippi. Working with the park staff and Natchez's various partners, the intern conducted extensive research on Reconstruction in Natchez, with a particular emphasis on primary source material. The intern identified and drafted biographical sketches of those people who played prominent roles in the region's history from 1865-1880. In completing these tasks, the intern developed a working knowledge of the resources pertaining to Reconstruction in the United States and the Old Natchez District. The internship provided the participant with the opportunity to work closely with Natchez's various partners, including the Historic Natchez Foundation and the Natchez Association for the Preservation of African American Culture.

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