Cane River National Historical Park and Heritage Area

Hands-on learning at Kingsley Plantation
Cane River National Historical Park and Heritage Areas honor the formerly enslaved African Americans and protect Oakland and Magnolia plantation wildlife.

This museum exhibition gave the park an opportunity to tell, through the use of its collection, the very complex stories of history, diversity, and the cultural adaptation that was required for survival in the New World as it grew into the United States. Items exhibited will include Indian trade goods, artifacts connected with slavery and cotton production, plantation library holdings, plantation store tokens used by sharecroppers and tenant farmers, and conjuror's objects from the plantation slave/tenant quarters. The vast range of objects will show museum visitors that not all of Cane River's history is written in books.

The exhibition will be augmented by "A Walk Back in Time," a summer history camp for grades 2-8 that will include a field trip to the park, and the park's archaeology camp for youth (ages 15-18) coordinated with the archaeological field school from the University of Houston.

This was a partnership project with the Louisiana State Museum's Old Courthouse Museum, Cane River National Heritage Area, the University of Houston (archaeology camp), and other community partners. The museum in which this occurred is in Natchitoches, Louisiana along Cane River.

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