Encouraged Underserved Youth and Seniors to Get Active in Nature Along the Upper Delaware

two canoes parked on the bank of the upper delaware river
Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River offered ranger-led snowshoe hikes, bike rides, and canoe trips to attract local residents.

Rolling hills, riverfront villages, and bald eagles perched on trees form a vibrant backdrop as the Delaware River snakes gracefully through the rural countryside. But the story of the Upper Delaware is more than just a collection of beautiful pictures. The river supports a healthy ecosystem for wildlife and provides water for over 17 million people.

The Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River offers plenty of opportunities to get outdoors and recreate, yet the residents of nearby Sullivan County, NY don't often take advantage of them. In fact this county ranks near the bottom in terms of health 61st out of 62 counties.

With support from this grant, and partners such as Sullivan County Public Health Services, Ridgeback Sports Store, and Cornell Cooperative Extension in Sullivan County, the park offered a series of ranger-led snowshoe hikes, bike rides and canoe trips through 2016 that included free transportation. The park targeted YMCAs and senior centers in Sullivan County to recruit program participants

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