Programs that Protect

The national parks face many threats, from dangers like climate change to the continued depletion of their natural resources. Through your support, our programs will protect our special places as we work to preserve our country’s greatest collection of natural, historical, and cultural treasures.

How We Help

America’s national parks were established to preserve our country’s greatest collection of natural, historic, and cultural treasures. The National Park Foundation is dedicated to the promise that our national parks, and all they possess, are protected forever. As our environment and cultural legacy faces new challenges ranging from natural disasters, to a changing climate, to archaeological treasures being damaged or stolen – we seek to fund initiatives that demonstrate environmental leadership, promote sustainable practices, inspire innovative solutions, and motivate citizens to action.

The National Park Foundation is:

  • Investing $13M to the Elwha River restoration project.
  • Providing over $30M to build the Flight 93 National Memorial.
  • Supplying $67M to restore 6,600 acres of the Everglades.

How You Can Help

The national parks are under threat--they depend on the generous support of our friends to stay safe. Learn how you can protect what matters most by clicking here.

The Programs

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National Park Foundation programs are crucial to the continued growth of our national parks—and you are crucial to their ongoing success.