Winter Playground

In the winter, playtime is usually restricted to indoor activities, but Mississippi National River and Recreation Area is working to combat this misconception. Though the colder temperatures do beg different considerations, for example layers of clothing and length of time spent outside, they do not eliminate the possibility of outdoor playtime.

“If our children don’t learn how to have fun outside in winter, this starts a bad trend of kids spending almost all of their time indoors. Nature becomes an abstract concept and inactivity increases,” noted National Park Service ranger Mary Murray. She added, “The outdoor clubs give students a foundation for winter fun that they can use their whole lives.”

Children with skis at Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Through the National Park Foundation’s Ticket to Ride program, with support from Disney and the Mississippi River Fund, 600 students experienced in-depth programming on the Mississippi River. These types of programs, explained Murray, help “keep our Minnesota winter traditions strong.” To learn more about Mississippi National River and Recreation Area’s winter outdoor clubs, click here.

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