Exploring A Marsh Wonderland

National Park Service Outreach Specialist Ivy Kelley said it best, “It was exactly what we needed, transportation in order to bring kids up from the Florida Keys to Everglades National Park.”

Most often, the biggest barrier to getting kids in national parks is the actual transportation itself. In this specific instance, the Keys are only an hour drive from Everglades National Park, but many students from that area have never experienced this marsh wonderland. Thanks to the National Park Foundation’s Ticket to Ride program, students were able to make the trek to this national park and walk along the Anhinga Trail, and enjoy the wildlife symphony of wading birds, grunting pig frogs, and bellowing alligators.

One student even said, “It’s so quiet and so calm.”

Tisa Lall, a 4th grade teacher at Plantation Key School explained, “They remember so much more when they’re out here and you know, you go back to the classroom and they write about it, and they write so much more, their pictures are more detailed.”

Jenny Guerra, a National Park Service Ranger at Everglades added, “It’s really exciting to see by the end of the day how excited they are to be here, and how excited they are to come back.”

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