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Open OutDoors for Kids creates pathways for kids to enjoy, understand and connect with nature in exciting ways by facilitating outdoor activity, experiential learning, and cultural heritage exercises.

Help Us Open More Than One Million OutDoors For Kids In America!

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Kids learning about hermit crabs with a park ranger at Biscayne National Park

Help NPF get America's kids off the couch and into our country's national parks! Open OutDoors for Kids puts nature at the fingertips of today's youth through in-person and in-classroom experiences. Just $10 opens 1 door of opportunity for a kid. When you open up OutDoors for kids, you help them find a career path, discover their heritage, or experience the joy of movement and exploration. Learn More

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For more than 155 years, Union Pacific Railroad has traversed the beautiful scenery of our nation's western states, delivering the goods Americans use every day. When the National Park Service was created, Union Pacific's family of railroads allowed travelers to experience the wonderment of the new national parks, working hand-in-hand to develop the infrastructure that park visitors still treasure. Today, Union Pacific remains committed to sharing the wonders of our American nation with the next generation of park goers through our commitment to the National Park Foundation. Learn more about the Union Pacific's giving programs by clicking here.