The Centennial Campaign For America's National Parks

The Centennial Campaign for America’s National Parks raises critical funds to support America’s over 400 national parks, and prioritizes park protection, community connection, and inspiring future generations.

Celebrating 100 Years

As the National Park Service marks 100 years of excellence, it’s time to call on a new generation of visionaries to make their mark on the future.

The early advocates of our national parks were big thinkers, one and all. They ranged from a brash upstart named Teddy, who made conservation one of the defining causes of his presidency, to graybeards and wilderness defenders such as John Muir and Ansel Adams.

President Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir at Yosemite National Park.


Today calls for a new legion of champions. The stakes are high. Our parks are under threat, suffering from the ravages of time, rapid development, climate change, deferred maintenance, heavy use, and other effects of human and natural impacts. Even more challenging, most kids in today’s age of technology have not yet experienced a national park.

Now, more than ever, a new generation of leaders must step forth to help safeguard our national wonders and hallowed places—and inspire our children and youth to get outside and explore these parks, and discover the stories that define who we are and what we value as Americans.

Make A Difference Today

The National Park Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the National Park Service, invites your support of this national fundraising campaign as we launch a new era of park philanthropy.

Your gift will make a difference right now and well into the future. Together we can Protect America’s special places, Connect people to parks and Inspire the next generation of park stewards. Our national parks have long relied on a healthy mix of federal appropriations and private philanthropy to keep them beautiful, vital, and accessible.

This public-private partnership underscores the belief that our parks are our common ground and rightful inheritance, where we all stand shoulder to shoulder as Americans, equal in our connection to these beloved places and in our shared responsibility to preserve them for future generations.

Your generosity is essential. Together, we will renew our commitment to our national parks for the next 100 years, energizing them, rejuvenating them, defending them.

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For more information about The Centennial Campaign for America's National Parks, please contact the National Park Foundation at (202) 796-2500 or email us at [email protected].

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Your donation today will make an impact on the future of our national parks for generations to come. Join us during our important Centennial Campaign for America's National Parks.