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National parks across the country preserve and share the multi-generational and multi-faceted stories of African Americans in the United States. Explore these stories and discover how the National Park Foundation is supporting parks that honor the contributions of African Americans to our collective history and culture. 

Highlighting African American History

A ranger dressed as a Buffalo Soldier, giving a presentation at the park

Ranger Murray dressed as a Buffalo Soldier, Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

NPS Photo

Honoring Visionary Leaders

A group of protesters march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge

First of the Selma to Montgomery marches on March 7, 1965

NPS Photo

Engaging Park Enthusiasts Today

National Park Service Guide Elijah Prince stands against a bright green wall with one of his paintings

National Park Service Guide Elijah Prince

NPF Photo
Preserving History, Inspiring Generations
The National Park Foundation is committed to supporting the National Park Service in its efforts to expand and enhance its storytelling in parks. National parks embody the essence of a nation forged by the powerful forces of nature, the chronicles of conflict, a spirit of innovation, and an enduring vision of democracy for all. Join us in supporting programs and projects that continue this important work.