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At the juncture of the Klamath Mountain range and Sacramento Valley, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area has diverse wildlife and scenic waterfalls.

Specifically, the park's favored features are Whiskeytown Lake, Shasta Bally and numerous waterfalls, which provide outdoor enthusiasts opportunities for water recreation, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.Most people have heard of the California Gold Rush and the Central Valley water projects that define Whiskeytown's cultural history, but few know of the hidden treasure of Whiskeytown'its outstanding biodiversity! Species and habitats from different climates collide in this National Recreation Area. Western whiptail lizards, indicative of dry and arid Great Basin habitats, are found alongside species that represent the great Pacific Northwest forests'tailed frogs and Pacific yew trees.

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Semi-Arial image of Shasta Dam

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P.O. Box 188
whiskeytown , CA

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