War In The Pacific National Historical Park

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War in the Pacific National Historical Park, a former battlefield, honors World War II soldiers and lures visitors with island beaches.

While the park is known for its historical resources, the warm climate, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters beckon visitors and residents to enjoy the island's natural resources.

The Pacific Theater of World War II involved one-third of the earth's surface but only 1/145th of its total land mass. It involved vast distances and new strategy, tactics, equipment, and weapons of war. Moreover, it involved not just Japan and the United States but Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Canada, China, France, and the Soviet Union as well. Caught in the middle were the people of the Pacific islands, upon whose homelands and in whose waters the battles were fought. Park visitors have the opportunity to learn about the events that lead to the outbreak of the Pacific War, the Battle of Guam and the role the Mariana Islands played in helping to end World War II (1941-1945).

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War In The Pacific National Historical Park
135 Murray Boulevard
Hagatna , GU

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