Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail

  • Rosa Say/ Flickr



Ala Kahakai Information

A more conscious effort to protect Native Hawaiian cultural and natural resources has improved this gem of a historic trail.

Translated to mean 'trail by the shoreline', Ala Kahakai takes you on a 175 mile journey through the hidden treasures of Hawai'i.

These jewels consist of alluring fishponds, a majestic stone slide, and an abundance of sacred places and fishing shrines. The beauty of the natural resources, such as anichialine ponds, precipices, near-shore reefs, estuarine ecosystems and a native sea turtle habitat make an experience filled with nothing less than pure bliss. However, the endangered and threatened endemic species of plans and animals that surround the trail continue to pose much concern for Ala Kahakai, which is why it's now protected.


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