Pullman National Monument



Pullman Information

Pullman National Monument was designed as a planned utopia and worker facility center by Palace Car Company. Visitors enjoy annual events and tours.

The town was originally planned as a utopia offering workers a safe community, a better standard of living, and an escape from social ills. The town represents advancements in working-class living conditions with all industrial, cultural, religious, recreational, and residential facilities coordinated to make working conditions ideal and to move away from the typical overcrowded, unsanitary working-class conditions of the time. The Pullman Company was the first to hire members of the African American community for jobs as porters, waiters, and maids. These service positions held prestige and were seen as a development in the civil rights movement of the 20th century. Pullman, described as 'the story of American opportunity,' captures America's first planned industrial town, advancements in diversity, and a chapter of American history.

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