Your Favorite Color and the Park It Hints At

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Woman in a red canoe on a lake with a rainbow in the sky at Voyageurs National Park
Voyageurs National Park

What if what drew you toward your favorite color was as innate as what draws you to a particular park?

Thought provoking…

There may be no correlation between one’s favorite color and favorite park, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to speculate! These fun suggestions might just be the parkspiration you need to get out on your next park adventure.


Endless horizon in Big Bend National Park

Fortune favors the bold, and the bold favor red. If you fit in this category, you’ll find a different type of fortune on a trip to Big Bend National Park. This Texas park has incredible night skies, awaiting anyone who plans an evening or overnight trip to the park.  The stars shine as brightly as your personality at night, and during the day there are countless other ways to explore. Hike, backpack, bike, horseback ride, raft, or try any number of the limitless opportunities to relish this incredible park. Adventure is calling, and you’re ready to answer!


The District No. 1 schoolhouse at Nicodemus National Historic Site stand alone in a field against a backdrop of a clear blue sky.
National Park Service

People who favor yellow tend to enjoy learning new things and sharing what they’ve discovered with others. Nicodemus National Historic Site, a lesser-known park site in the Midwest, is a good fit for the intellectually curious. Exploring stories of freed slaves building a new life in Kansas during the Reconstruction period, this site is the oldest and only remaining Black settlement west of the Mississippi River.


National Park Service

There’s a reason traffic cones are orange — they’re supposed to get your attention, just like orange-lovers themselves. Easy going and people-oriented, if your favorite color is orange, you probably don’t mind being the center of attention. So, head to Puerto Rico to visit San Juan National Historic Site. Also a World Heritage Site, this park deserves all the attention it receives. Featuring gorgeous architecture, impressive engineering, and hundreds of years of history, you'll be inspired as you walk along the Paseo del Moro, passing between the 17th century masonry wall and the bay. You can also opt for one of the daily park ranger tours and programs to chat with a ranger and learn about the park’s history. 


Horse walking on a sandy beach with the sun rising into the blue sky behind it
Gabriel Friedrich, Share the Experience

They say that those who love green care a lot about their reputation and what others think of them. Turns out, those characteristics also make them affectionate and loyal! If you have a soft spot for the color, head to Cumberland Island National Seashore. You’ll love visiting this beachy getaway that requires a ferry to the island. It’s a perfect spot for capturing photos and memories and you never know, it may even elevate your coolness factor among your friends and family! Visit the pretty shoreline to take sunset pics for bragging rights, or hop on a bike with a friend to slowly meander along the island’s sandy paths.


the green lights of the aurora borealis over the water at Voyageurs National Park
National Park Service

It’s hard not to love this gentle color. Blue fans in turn are also pretty great — reliable, clean, calm, harmonious. Voyageurs National Park will fill your peaceful heart with even more calm as you paddle through the blue waters of the park’s interconnected waterways and lakes on a canoe tour. Visiting in the winter? Snowshoe through the park to take in the snowy landscape or cross-country ski along the Black Bay ski trails.


At Golden Gate National Recreation Area, orange bush monkeyflowers bloom amongst large leaves with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
Ray Ann Sullivan, Share the Experience

Those with an artistic nature drift toward these hues, having a unique take on the world, and perhaps even a “hippie-ish” side. Thankfully, Golden Gate National Recreation Area is right on the edge of San Francisco. Visit in the spring to take a wildflower walk at Fort Funston, enjoy a beach fire at Muir Beach, or keep your eyes peeled for whales at Muir Beach Overlook. The park is filled with both natural and historic landmarks, perfect for inspiring your future creative endeavors.


White building of Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site surrounded by pink cherry blossoms
National Park Service

Those who prefer brown are the stable and reliable ones. They appreciate life’s simple pleasures. A park site that helps ground yourself is Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site in North Carolina. The farm was a place where Sandburg could seek comfort and seclusion as he wrote. Goats roam on the front lawn and his home sits full of history and charm. Meander through the house to learn more about the “Poet of the People” and Sandburg’s dedication to both poetry and social justice.


The external view of the tall red brick building at Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site
National Park Service

Like purple people, those who say black is there favorite color have an artistic side. However, these artists tend to be more sensitive. Fit in this category? You’ll love the chance to get in touch with your feelings as you visit Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site. Take a self-guided tour of Poe’s unfurnished home, or tag along with a ranger to learn even more. Pose with the site’s “Raven,” learn about Poe’s influence on Alfred Hitchcock, and read some of this incredible poet’s works. His work is dark, but so is your choice in colors!

No matter what color you choose, you’re bound to find something to enjoy within the National Park System given its incredible diversity. Try exploring a new spot when you next #FindYourPark/#EncuentraTuParque, and feel free to think of your favorite color as a starting point!

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