When Your Next Park Trip is Written in the Stars

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Milky Way in the night sky over Devil's Tower National Monument
– Rip Rippey, Share the Experience

Whether you live for the final page of the women’s magazines to read your monthly horoscope or you’re a logical, down-to-earth person with no time for such wish-wash, sometimes it can just be fun to see what the stars have aligned for you. Every zodiac sign has its own characteristics and tendencies. So, read on to learn what your zodiac sign’s predispositions suggest about your park preferences.


A view of the rock columns of the towering Devils Tower National Monument
Avery Locklear/NPS

You’re a real spitfire and your pioneering spirit requires a grand adventure to match your energy levels. Burn off some of the energy and test your confidence as you rock climb at Devils Tower National Monument. You’re a natural daredevil, so why not use your impulsivity to crack climb this geologic wonder?


Dinosaur bones in the rock at the Quarry Exhibit Hall at Dinosaurs National Monument
National Park Service

You’re drawn to the outdoors, but are also the one counted on to properly pack for the trip. You love security, and what could be more secure than visiting Dinosaur National Monument – where you know those dinosaurs won’t be coming back any time soon. Go on and use your persistence and patience to slowly discover over 1,500 dinosaur fossils alongside the cliff face in Quarry Exhibit Hall.


The brass second line marching outside under blue skies at New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park
Joe Stolarick/NPS

You’re the social type, and that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate a solitary park like Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve in Alaska, but we think you might have an even better time visiting New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park. The history will fascinate your intellectual side while the music and crowds will play off your liveliness. However, you are the sign of twins, and this dual nature suggests that you might want to tack nearby Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve onto your itinerary. You’re versatile, so we’re sure you can make the pivot!


Blue water of the ocean along the rocky and tree-lined coast at Acadia National Park
Kristi Rugg/NPS

You’re seeking excitement! Kind of. The parks definitely provide exciting adventures, but you aren’t Aries. Deep down, you also are a bit cautious and seek security. So why not choose a park that gives you a taste of adventure without plunging you into an extreme? Acadia National Park is sure to please. To make it an even bigger win, bring your friends or family.  


Many people at the white sandy beach at Assateague National Seashore on a sunny day
National Park Service

You’re the proud, easy-going one. You enjoy the comforts of life and warm temperatures. Perhaps you also have a strong self-esteem? All indications suggest that you should spend your next park trip at a warm seashore destination. Soak up the sun and the views at Assateague Island National Seashore. Bonus: The warm-hearted side of you will bubble over with affection when you see the wild horses.


A park ranger holding up a poster of George Washington Carver in a lab classroom at George Washington Carver National Monument
Emily DeLanzo/NPS

You spend most of your time in thought, so you’re a prime candidate for one of the more “brainy” parks. George Washington Carver National Monument will get the gears churning as you learn about the life of a renowned African American teacher, horticulturist, and researcher. You’ll feel akin to this brilliant scientist, given your own practical and meticulous disposition.


Seven people on the rocky overlook into the canyon at Horseshoe Overlook at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Peter Krocek/NPS

You’re cultured and diplomatic. Just as your sign’s symbol suggests (scales), you require a mix of work and fun. You’re likely to enjoy taking a break from work to stretch your legs and go for a long run or camping trip. A perfect running course for you to put your ambition to the test? Lake Powell’s trails in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, or balance yourself out by finding a scenic spot to lay out your mat and practice yoga.


Close-up of the cracked gray terrain that makes up the Badwater Basin salt flats at Death Valley National Park.
Tom Chiakulas, Share the Experience

Your intensity is what draws people to you. You’re forceful, determined, and loyal. Sometimes though, you crave time alone. Since you’re not afraid to do things others might not, you’ll love hiking through Death Valley National Park. Your intensity is perfectly matched with the hottest, driest, and lowest national park in the system. Your determination and intensity will drive you as you take on this park’s extremes.


View from the top of a waterfall, surrounded by black rocks and mountains in the horizon at Olympic National Park
Pete Zaidel/NPS

Your optimism is borderline reckless; but maybe that’s why you’re so fun to be around? Freedom loving Sagittarius – the open road calls your name. Constantly looking for variety, you’ll never get bored while exploring the countless miles of wilderness along the Pacific Coast. Follow this road trip itinerary, beginning in Washington’s Olympic National Park, and visit multiple parks, ending at the César E. Chávez National Monument


Yellow cottonwoods in autumn in Zion Canyon at Zion National Park
Christopher Gezon/NPS

You’re ambitious and in control of your life. You love a good goal, and you’re willing to put in the long hours, staying self-disciplined to achieve it. Still, though you’re up for a challenge, you’re foremostly prudent. No one will be going off the trail or getting lost on this venture. Safety comes first for this sign, but that doesn’t mean that hiking in Zion National Park won’t be just the adventure you’re looking for. If you do happen to need just a bit more of a thrill, try trekking through the Narrows!


A view of the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River in Selma, Alabama
National Park Service

You don’t care about the opinions of others, nor should you. Your spunk and friendly style draw people to you. But let’s recognize – you’re not just a social butterfly, you’re also an intellectual. This intellectual curiosity combined with your enjoyment in helping others will have you entranced by the history of Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail.


Hand-carved steps in the rocks at El Morrow National Monument
National Park Service

You’re a sensitive daydreamer. Your reserved, artistic soul is always stuck in your thoughts, daydreaming and attempting to escape reality. Star-gazing seems like the perfect park activity for your dreamy mind. Why not head to see the night skies far outside of the city in El Morro National Monument? During the day, spend time lost in thought about the Zuni Indians who first settled there, then stick around to enjoy the night sky, free of light pollution.

Parks are one-size fits all. No matter which park you choose, there’s bound to be a program or activity that will engage you and leave you with an unforgettable experience. However, with so many options to choose from, if you happen to need inspiration to decide how to #FindYourPark, this list might spark some ideas. After all, it’s been written in the stars!


I'd been looking through my passport and noticed Acadia park, seems my horoscope aligns just perfectly!
I was not taking this article seriously at all but, sure enough, what they said about my horoscope (Capricorn) matched exactly with my personality. Even down to the Zion National Park! I've visited that park far more often than any other and it is my favorite so far :-)

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