What Makes Our Parks Unique

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As the Find Your Park Expedition crew and I continued on to explore Mesa Verde National Park, we took in all sorts of stories. 

Stories of indigenous people told through sandstone bricks and cedar beams, museum displays, and petroglyphs. 

Stories of park officials and visitors with diverse backgrounds and different customs.

These stories are what make our parks unique. Woven together, they form a colorful patchwork that gives meaning to the landscapes we see at the parks. Imagine how much more enriching our parks would be with more people's experiences, adventures, and stories added to them.

This is my story - a story of my adventures at Mesa Verde National Park. What's yours?

Andrew Lin participated in the National Park Foundation’s 2015 Find Your Park Expedition. He films and hosts the YouTube series Adventure Archives. You can follow Andrew’s adventures and connect with him on YoutubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and Podcast.

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