We Are Still Marching

August 27, 2013Alanna SobelNPF Blog

Have you ever read the powerful words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech? They are poignant, honest, strong and inspiring. This week we commemorate 50 years since MLK shared these words!

MLK jr. on website www.WeAreStillMarching.com

As we celebrate this important anniversary, I encourage you to check out www.WeAreStillMarching.com (use a modern browser like Google Chrome to view this special destination) and read what MLK said to hundreds of thousands of people from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall (a national park!) on August 25, 1963. Not only can you read his words and engage with the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom – you can actually become part of an incredibly meaningful audio mosaic online by recording your very own voice saying MLK’s words. Many of us here at NPF, including Lydia Sermons, Executive Director of the African American Experience Fund, have already contributed our voices. We hope you’ll join us in honoring MLK and this important moment in history and add your voice to the mosaic!

MLK jr. and Civil Rights Activists on website www.WeAreStillMarching.com

We created this first-of-its kind web and mobile destination with our friends at Organic, Inc. so that people like you and I can experience one of the largest, most pivotal demonstrations ever seen in our country. And it all happened in one of America’s national parks. Incredible to think about how much history our national parks preserve! Take a moment to visit and engage with www.WeAreStillMarching.com today. You will be moved, you will learn so many new things and you will be inspired.

Also – our friends at Google invite you to join and contribute to their Google+ community called “March On”.  Check it out at http://prks.org/16NQjrB.

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