Update From the Gulf

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As we all know, the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has finally been capped. But not before over 200 million gallons of oil has spilled and devastated the region. The fight to save our environment is far from over, including the fight for our national parks. Take a look in our video update from the region:

You can still help our national parks of the Gulf region in their moment of need.

Donate online at www.helpparks.org or by texting “PARKS” to 90999 on your mobile phone by September 1st, 2010. Your money will go DIRECTLY to the impacted parks and help make them even better – from education programs, to park enhancements to environmental monitoring.

Our national parks belong to all of us. Please help.

(NOTE: Funds raised will not go towards mitigating BP’s responsibilities).

Last updated August 12, 2010.

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