Untamed Americas on National Geographic

June 9, 2012NPF Blog

We were excited to find out that America’s national parks are the backdrop of many stunning natural events captured on the new National Geographic mini-series Untamed Americas. Though, the mini-series features many outstanding natural backdrops across the span of North and South America, the producers found ample material in our very own national park system.  One memorable moment takes place on the Yellowstone plateau where newly awakened black bears go on the hunt for elk calves. With approximately 400 endangered species making their homes in national parks alongside thousands of other animals, the stories of nature in the wild abound in America’s 84 million acres of national parks.

Though we would argue that nothing beats experiencing the majesty of these breathtaking places first hand, this HD production of wild animal action gets us plenty close for comfort.  The sweeping landscapes and the exceptional animals inhabiting each unique location present an untamed wilderness, wetting our appetite to plan our next national park adventures (although, I think I will still keep my viewing of bear hunts to my living room!).

Untamed Americas premieres Tonight at 9pm with Untamed Americas: Mountains on the National Geographic Channel!

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