Q&A with National Park Foundation Supporter Marcia Miller

November 4, 2015NPF Blog

National Park Foundation Supporter Marcia Miller

Kenai Fjords National Park was shaped by plate tectonics, ancient glaciers, and Marcia Miller’s generosity.
By giving to the National Park Foundation, Marcia doesn’t just protect Kenai’s fjords and glaciers; she supports all the National Park Service does.

We chatted with Marcia recently to learn what the national parks mean to her:

What is your Find Your Park story?
I remember the first time I drove West (1971) and spotted way in the distance what I thought were dramatic clouds. In fact, they were my first glimpse of the peaks of the Colorado Rockies! When my eyes and brain finally registered this, I had to pull the car over to the side of the road so I could cry with amazement and joy.

How many parks have you been to and which parks are your favorite?
At least 20 National Parks; over 500 National Historic Sites, National Monuments, National Recreational areas, etc. I adore Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Glacier, Badlands, all Washington,  DC sites, Yellowstone, Sequoia, Olympic, and the ever-beautiful and hopeful Statue of Liberty – right in my own backyard. Each is unique for a different reason, but all of these make my spirits soar and make me proud.

How/why did you get involved with the National Park Foundation?
Having so many excellent experiences at national parks around the country, I felt it was time to give back. I also know that funding for the national parks is NEVER enough; I’ve reached a point in my life where I can afford to help, so I do.

Why is it important to keep preserving our national parks?
I would say that spending time in a national park is not only a GREAT way to appreciate our country, but it’s impossible to be there without meeting visitors from all over the world. That is always a joy for me. Although some of my favorite parks are far from my home, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to travel to them; I know the long distances, time, and finances can be prohibitive for many. Still, I highly encourage people to consider National Park visits as an alternative to run-of-the-mill vacations that can instill a sense of ownership, patriotism, appreciation, and serenity.

What park(s) would you still like to experience? Why?
I hope to see Haleakala in Hawaii and some of the Alaskan parks. I’ve also never been to Death Valley or Big Bend, and hope to get there one day.

Parks need you. Your continued support ensures that the parks remain vibrant, relevant, and preserved for today and always.

So get out and find your park. Share it on social media using #FindYourPark and #EncuentraTuParque. And then support your park – they can’t survive, let alone thrive, without national park supporters like you.  

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