Our Adventurous #FYPx Family

Victor WeiFYPx
Group of FYPx winners standing in a group atop the cliffs of Mesa Verda National Park

Community, adventure, and storytelling are all things that each of us, the eight Find Your Park Expedition participants, value.

From the first minute we all met up in Denver, I had a feeling that we would absorb each other’s creative energy and end up like a close-knit adventurous family.

I think “zesty explorers” would be an appropriate way to describe all of us, whether it was during one of our drives or hiking through one of the national parks.

One of my favorite types of photography happens to be portraitures, particularly candids, and I had the best time capturing everyone in their zesty exploring moments.

Casey, the @modernhiker, the modern beard, the modern botanist… will we ever be able to list everything that he is with @modern?

Casey Standing by Subaru
Victor Wei

Casey by Plants
Victor Wei

Andia Winslow, who shows off her zesty side through funny faces and the amazing ability to plank in any environment.

Andia with sandboard standing on sand dunes
Victor Wei

Andia doing plank atop Mesa Verde cliffs
Victor Wei

“Whitney, like Houston,” shows us her desert fashion in an impromptu photo shoot.

Whitney pointing to map
Victor Wei

Whitney looking at a 3-d topo map in visitors center
Victor Wei

Javier Gonzalez, a guy who can take on any challenge and adapt to his surroundings.

Javier walking through the sandstone cliffs and architecture at Mesa Verde
Victor Wei

Javier standing in the architectural ruins at Mesa Verde National Park
Victor Wei

Mara Grace Cortez, a girl who can take breathtaking photos and sing like Mariah Carey.

Grace in hat hiking
Victor Wei

Grace standing in trees with yellow leaves
Victor Wei

This man is the future James Cameron with his filmmaking skills for @adventurearchives! He is always spotted with his tripod, so much so that we decided it was the ninth member of our group!

Andrew squatting with tripod in ruins of Mesa Verde National Park
Victor Wei

Andrew climbing wooden ladder with camera and tripod at Mesa Verde National Park
Victor Wei

Mellie, our dedicated educator!

Mellie standing out of car sunroof
Victor Wei

Mellie hiking through Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
Victor Wei

Victor Wei participated in the National Park Foundation’s 2015 Find Your Park Expedition. He is a recent college graduate who enjoys storytelling, photography, and adventures. You can follow Victor's adventures and connect with him on InstagramWordpressFlickrTumblr, and Facebook.

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