My Trio Of Mother Figures

April 27, 2015Liz GustafsonNPF Blog

I have a mother, grandmother, and aunt of uncommon strength and kindness, and all together they make up my family. Growing up, I spent nights with my mother chatting about our days and falling asleep in the nook of her back while watching 1950s syndicated comedies, doing homework and riding to school every day with my grandmother, and spending weeknight dinners and summer vacations with my aunt. These are my childhood memories and I will always cherish them.

My trio of mother figures may be somewhat unconventional, but I couldn’t imagine it any other way. It’s their quiet, unassuming strength that made me want for nothing during those years and is what reminds me to this very day how extraordinarily lucky I am. Thank you, my dear mothers.

 Liz Gustafson's mom, aunt, and grandmother

Like my family and quite possibly like yours, a park can come in many forms, all with different dispositions, histories, and hopes for the future. Yes, parks can be the sweeping natural vistas of places like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, and they can also be places that mark milestones like Women’s Rights National Historical Park and Pullman National Monument. A park can be many different things to many different people. Similar to my own story, parks can represent strength and diversity, and how we came to be who we are today.

Blog writer, Liz, and her mom posing in front of the scenic Grand Canyon view

I think there’s no better time than now, in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, to reflect on the pillars of strength that have made a positive impact on all of our lives and take part in the Macy’s Share Your Love, Thank-A-Mom campaign that kicks off on April 27. I know that I’ll be sharing my love for my trio of mother figures using the hashtag #MacysLovesMoms on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, and I invite you to do the same! After all, for every memory you share using the hashtag, Macy’s will donate $3 (up to $400,000!) to mom-approved charities, including the National Park Foundation. This is definitely the type of love that just keeps on giving. For more information about this year’s campaign visit

 Liz Gustafson with mom

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