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November 25, 2015NPF Blog

The results are in: 2014 was another exceptional year at the National Park Foundation! Through our grants, we helped protect America's best idea -- our national parks. We made it possible to connect new audiences to these incredible places. We created opportunities to inspire the next generation of national park supporters. We were able to do this because of you.

Over $12 million dollars went to 198 national parks, programs, trails, and heritage areas. Those grants reached 369,343 national park visitors. Of that total, 23 percent were youth and 44 percent were first-time visitors.

Stop and think about that for a moment: 44 percent were first-time visitors.

Do you remember your first visit to a national park? The first time you experienced the wonder of our natural, cultural, and historical gems? The first time you found your park? That stays with you. It changes you.

Now, you may be asking, “That’s wonderful that 2014 was such a great year. What about 2015?”

Our reporting is always based on the previous year. The grants issued in 2014 get used throughout the year. Then, in 2015, the parks and programs send us updates about the great work that the grants made possible.

Here’s what we do know about 2015 so far: we’re anticipating an increase in our grants. And that’s an exciting prospect for us. If we can accomplish everything we did in 2014, just think what will be possible in 2015!

In honor of 2014's successes, we’re excited to share a new infographic that showcases our impact.

Go on. Take a look. See what you helped achieve.

Making an Impact 2014 Infographic, National Park Foundation

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