How to Be #Winning in 2018

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Badlands National Park road
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Hoping that 2018 will be a great year for you? Determined to accomplish some bucket-list items and have unforgettable adventures?  Check out these ideas for inspiration and then set your own intentions for 2018. If you complete these 5 national park-themed goals, you’ll be sure to have a great, and park-filled, year.

Add 5 stamps to your park passport

They say the key to achieving goals is by setting realistic targets. If you’re able to sell your home and spend the year exploring the over 400 National Park Service sites, we salute you! For everyone else, try visiting 5 new parks in 2018. That’s fewer than 1 park per two months. Not only will you have time to plan which parks are on your must-see list, you might find out about an exciting site you didn’t know existed. For more ideas, use our free “Road Trippin’” owner’s guide and you’ll be able to visit 2-3 parks in just one long weekend!

Find your favorite lesser-known park

Many of the parks are well-known worldwide. They’re beautiful and stunning, and a worthwhile experience. But, why not also add some smaller sites into your trip planning this year? Delve into the history of women’s suffrage at Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument or discover the incredible history of the Buffalo Soldiers at the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument. You’re bound to learn more about any number of subjects when you expand your horizons at some of the lesser-known National Park Service sites.

Bring a friend along to a park they’ve never visited

Know someone who has never visited a national park? Make 2018 a year for them to remember by showing them one of the greatest ideas America has ever had. It could be a family member, your “work wife,” your bff, your next-door neighbor, your bff’s next-door neighbor, your work wife’s next-door neighbor’s bff… the possibilities are endless!

Take at least one beautiful pic to enter the Share the Experience contest

Get in touch with your artistic side and create something beautiful in 2018. Try your hand at photography at the parks (perhaps even taking a class) and then share your best shot (or as many as you want) via the Share the Experience contest. Not only will you be sharing the parks with others, you’ll be creating something worthwhile and simultaneously entering for the chance to win incredible prizes.

Attend an NPS event near you

The national parks are places for recreation, education, and community. #FindYourPark / #EncuentraTuParque and visit to participate in a fun activity or event. From holiday parties to activities offered through our support of Active Trails programs to discussions with local authors, there is no shortage of programming provided by parks all across the country. Step out of your comfort zone in 2018 by attending a park event you’ve never been to before!

Start planning your national park goals now to ensure you take full advantage of 2018. Keep these 5 goals in mind and you’re bound to be #winning in 2018 as you experience the national parks in a whole new way. Now pull up a list of national parks and start planning where to #FindYourPark!

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