The Government Shutdown And Your National Parks: What You Need To Know

October 1, 2013NPF Blog

From the Grand Canyon to Gettysburg, Acadia to the Everglades, the impact of the government shutdown will be felt in every national park across America.  As an important member of the national parks community, we want to provide you the latest information, and hope you will share this information with other national park enthusiasts and invite them to join us

Because the ramifications vary widely, it is important for you to have the pertinent information to fully understand what this means for your parks.

Impact on parks due to government shutdown:

  • All 401 national parks all across the country will be closed affecting as many as 715,000 national park visitors each day the government remains shutdown. (As a result of donations from states to the National Park Service, a few national parks are temporarily re-opened. Click here for more information.)
  • More than 21,000 national park staff members will be furloughed meaning critical resource management, including important scientific monitoring to protect endangered species, will not happen.
  • Due to closures, planned field trips will be cancelled denying teachers and students across the country access to our nation’s largest open classrooms.
  • Get the latest updates from the Department of the Interior by clicking here.
  • Read the latest press release from the National Park Service by clicking here.

Already have a national park trip planned?

  • October is peak season for many tourists who travel to see the changing autumn leaves and enjoy all the parks have to offer in the Fall.  If you have a trip planned to a national park during the closures, please contact your hotel or lodge directly.  All reservation lines should remain open through the shutdown, providing up to date information about reservation status.

Things you can do:

  • There is no better time to show your support for our national parks.  With your help, the National Park Foundation can continue to directly support the more than 400 national parks around the country.  Help today by donating or by inviting others to join our national park community at or at

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